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welcome to mt auburn!

This is Christ's Church and together we are seeking to love the world as the Beloved did. We also seek to be as embracing as Jesus was.

Therefore, everyone is invited into full membership and ministry regardless of age, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, or worldly condition.

Come join us on Sunday for education, worship and fellowship!

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Rev Midge

We are pleased to announce and welcome the Rev. Stacey Midge as our next pastor.
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something about us

We share a sense that God has called Mount Auburn to preach and teach a liberating, progressive theology as we design our worship and educational programs.  We are part of a tradition that is "always reforming", and expect God to speak not just to us but also to other people, to different traditions and to each new generation. 

As one joins this congregation, we prefer not to ask, "Do you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior?" Rather, we prefer to ask, "Will you serve God as revealed in the life and ministry of Jesus?"