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outreach ministry

Guided by the Church & Society Committee, Mount Auburn’s primary ministry focus is to affect what happens outside our four walls.  What we do at Mount Auburn as outreach ministry comes from our concerns, born of our faith and nurtured by our love of justice, but extends beyond our own congregation.  Presently, our most notable efforts in ministry are within the areas presented below.  For a complete list of local and global ministries supported by Mount Auburn, click here.

Haitian Relief

Following the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, and guided by our denomination, we have determined to provide assistance to the Darbonne Community Health Program, as well as the Haiti Northern District Agricultural School.  Through our efforts, we hope to improve the social, economic, and spiritual well-being of the Haitian people.


Homelessness and the lack of affordable housing are not new problems in our society, but in the current economic climate, they are becoming acute.  Through a variety of programs that address not only the broader issue of housing, but also the more immediate needs of homeless individuals, Mount Auburn is working to help end this demeaning problem within our society. 
Members of Mount Auburn serve as co-hosts with members of neighboring St. Monica/St. George Parish to clients of Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Cincinnati – a social service agency that works to provide shelter for homeless families through “host” congregations.  During the week when we serve as hosts, our members prepare evening meals and provide fellowship and support to the families staying at St. Monica/St. George’s overnight facilities.  We play and work on crafts with the children, and help the families prepare lunches for their next day’s activities.  In addition, we offer financial support to Interfaith Hospitality Network of Northern Kentucky as well as Welcome House of Northern Kentucky.
To affect the need for more affordable housing, Mount Auburn participates in the work of the Fuller Center for Housing, and provides financial assistance as well.  Members of our congregation have travelled to El Salvador to participate in FCH’s Global Builders program, assisting in the building of new homes, and cementing lasting friendships.  Members also help to build and renovate homes as well as raise money for Fuller Partners by participating in the annual Fuller Center Bike Adventure.


In an effort to help educate the children of our congregation about how they too can make an impact on the needs of the world, each year our kids participate in a Read to Feed program to help raise money for Heifer International/The Heifer Project.  This year, the children read enough books to raise funds sufficient to purchase an Ark, which provides 15 pairs of animals – enough livestock to provide a family with not only food, but an on-going source of income that will change their lives.  Not only are we helping to raise our children to have a hunger for reading, but also a thirst for social justice.
To help combat hunger locally, we support the St. George Food Pantry with our contributions of canned goods, collected each month.  The work of the pantry helps to feed the families within the communities neighboring Mount Auburn.  Members of our congregation also provide support as volunteers at the pantry.

Presbyterian Action Against the Death Penalty (PAAD)

Presbyterian Action Against the Death PenaltyFollowing our own Presbytery's call for an end to executions, this group has formed that is focused on abolishing the death penalty and are hoping to become a Presbytery-wide organization as well as encouraging others in the various faith communities to join with them in this endeavor. They welcome all to join them in the endeavor.

PAAD meets at 7:00pm on the first Wednesday of every month in the Geier Room of Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church.

Members of the group can come speak to your congregation about the efforts being taken to make changes to our system of capital punishment. They host an annual event called "Day of Witness Against the Death Penalty". They have copies of the Rev. Carroll Pickett's book, Within These Walls, and the DVD that focuses on his mission, At the Death House Door. These can be made available to your congregation.

For more information, please contact them via email at